Automatic 4 Spindle Turret Rewinder for Label
Automatic 4 Spindle Turret Rewinder for Label
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Automatic 4 Spindle Turret Rewinder Machine is the ideal product to rewind adhesive label.
1.     Fully automatic 4 spindle turret rewinder machine with non-stopping, the rate of achieving paper success is up to 100%. And it ensures that the tension  stability of equipment in the production stage regardless of jog, speed increase, speed reduction, emergency, to realize the best condition of printing machine.
2.     The turret rewinding machine system adopts the world famous brand Bosch Rexroth,which provides intelligent production solutions. It adopts full servo closed-loop tension control and equips with a vibrating plate automatic paper-feeding tube mechanism, a discharge mechanism, to realize online non-stop rewinding.
3.     The turret rewinder can be connected to rotary die cutting, slitting machines, flexographic printing machines and other equipment. It is equipped with a 1-inch 1.5-inch 3-inch quick release air-expansion shaft. The rewinding machine does not require manual mechanical adjustment when changing the size of different reels, its system automatically adjusts the size of the reel to reduce the labor force for intelligent production.
Max Web Width
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Max Roll Rewinding diameter
Max Separate Rolls
5 Rolls
Labels and Meters
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